One Community Pueblo -- on the starting block to ...

  • Create ways to have continuous communication and to listen to children and youth – "nothing about us without us"
  • Develop a common agenda with a shared measurement system for collective impact
  • Maintain a backbone support organization that will support collective work for the next 25 years?
  • Integrate mutually reinforcing activities for access to education, health and mental health for all – especially children that need us most

strategy 1

Create continuous communication that engages and empowers children, youth, and parents

  • Engage Youth with ongoing youth voice and youth leadership including yearly photo voice measures
  • Mapping of community services
  • Making resources work together beyond referral
  • Sustained youth and community leadership
  • Building integration among and between youth-serving groups

strategy 2

Develop a common agenda with a shared measurement system

  • Build Partnerships and vision – Design team convening, initial steering committee
  • Refine the common vision and agree on appropriate outcomes
  • Develop data sharing agreements among Pueblo service providers
  • Scan data and successful efforts in Pueblo and other communities
  • Engage and develop evaluation expertise
  • Strengthen communications – working with the One Community wiki

strategy 3

Maintain a backbone support organization for collective work for the next 25 years

  • Interactive infrastructure for broad array of stakeholders
  • Coordination of differentiated activities through a mutually reinforcing plan of action
  • Building commitment to the vision
  • Re-sourcing what Pueblo already has to support the vision
  • Constantly revise the long term plan

strategy 4

Integrate mutually reinforcing activities that assure access for children that need us most

  • Identify areas of community gain; leverage areas where we already have traction (i.e., Safe Schools-Healthy Students, Pueblo Alliance for Healthy Teens, Early Childhood community)
  • Integrate health and mental health services for children and youth
  • Encourage stakeholders to undertake activities at which they excel and can coordinate seamless delivery with others