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Nonprofits in the future will be defined by how they use
their data for public good while protecting the personal
privacy rights of all who contribute that data.

-- Lucy Burnholz; Blueprint 2013
One Community Pueblo believes that it  will become increasingly important to build learning beyond traditional silos of agency or sector. 

The concept of the Data Fusion Center builds communication structures framed by the field of law enforcement in recent years . By finding ways to tap into data gathered from various sources – some public, some private, some nonprofit – the idea is to incorporate learning into data collection. We think of it as adding back in the human element back to data gathering, perhaps via annual summits. The focus of the conversation will always be to understand what is working and how we might use limited resources to the best effect. It is systems thinking – and it goes beyond silos.

Only data that cannot violate privacy rights will be used.