Outcome: Children & Safety

Indicator: In a Physical Fight

Significance of this indicator:

Physical fighting is associated with poor academic performance (CDC) and may put students at risk for dropping out.

How we are doing on this indicator:

In 2013, 58.8 percent of Pueblo county middle school students reported that they were ever in a physical fight, more than 20% higher than the year before.  The data for 2013 is from all of Pueblo county, not just Pueblo City Schools, which should be considered in the comparrison.  Colorado middle school students as a whole come in at 38.6% which closely matches where Pueblo City Schools reported in 2012.

Pueblo's high school students reported that 23.7 percent have ever been in a physical fight, which is more than a 7% decrease from the year before.  High school students from all of Colorado reported a 4.8% decline in physical fights from 2011.

Please note that the data for Pueblo is now reported for all of Pueblo County, not just Pueblo City Schools.   Pueblo's middle school numbers only include grades 7 and 8, whereas Colorado's middle school numbers inlcude grade 6.

The most recent data for Pueblo City Schools (2012) reveal that 38.2 percent of middle school students and 31.1 percent of high school students reported being in at least one physical fight during the past 12 months. These numbers for Pueblo City Schools represent a decrease in rate for both the high school and middle school students.  Among high school students in 2011 (the most current data for all of Colorado), a greater proportion of Pueblo City Schools' students were involved in physical fights than students elsewhere in Colorado (34.5 percent v. 24.9 percent.)

What the Data Tell Us




Definition:  Percent of students who report having been in a physical fight during the past 12 months.

Data Source: Healthy Kids Colorado Survey: Colorado Department of Education and Pueblo City Schools.

Data Considerations: Colorado administers the survey every two years in the fall. Colorado began collecting data from middle school students in 2011. The Colorado middle school survey data cannot be used as a comparison to Pueblo students as it asks students about their lifetime experience of physical fighting versus fighting during the past 12 months.

In 2013, the surveys for Pueblo county and Colorado asked the same question.  Pueblo's 2013 data is for all of Pueblo County, not just Pueblo City Schools.