Outcome: Children & Safety

Indicator: Feeling Safe At School & Going To/From School

Significance of this indicator:

Students who feel unsafe at schools or going to and from school are less likely to attend school. Missing school affects academic performance and increases one's risk for dropping out of school (Johns Hopkins University).

How we are doing on this indicator:

Approximately eighty-four percent of middle school students and eighty-three percent of high school students in Pueblo City Schools District reported feeling safe at and on their way to and from school in 2012.  These numbers represent over a four percentage point drop for middle school students, and nearly a ten percentage point drop for high school students.  Based on the current figures for all of Colorado (2011), the perception of safety is slightly lower among Pueblo high school students compared to statewide figures (93.0 percent v. 95.6 percent).

2013 - Please note that the data for Pueblo is now reported for all of Pueblo County, not just Pueblo City Schools.

What the Data Tell Us



Definition:  Percent of students who report that they did not attend school in the past 30 days because they felt unsafe at school or on their way to or from school.

Data Source: Healthy Kids Colorado Survey: Colorado Department of Education and Pueblo City Schools.

Data Considerations: Colorado administers the survey every two years in the fall. Colorado began collecting data from middle school students in 2011 but did not include this question.