Outcome: Ready for School

Indicator: Enrollment in Full Day Kindergarten

Significance of this indicator:

According to research compiled by the Early Education for All campaign:  

  • Children who attend full-day kindergarten learn more in reading and math over the kindergarten year than those in half-day programs.
  • Children in full-day kindergarten programs receive 40-50 percent more instruction than children enrolled in half-day kindergarten programs. More instructional time in full-day kindergarten allows for increased learning activities and strategies such as: group read-aloud, peer tutoring, mixed-ability grouping, and child-initiated activities.
  • Full-Day Kindergarten Helps Close the Achievement Gap among at-risk children.

How we are doing on this indicator:

Rate of enrollment in a public full-day kindergarten program has steadily increased from 2009 to 2011 for both the county and the state.  Enrollment in Pueblo County has exceeded annually the enrollment figures for the state by 12 to nearly 15 percentage points.

Both Colorado as a whole and Pueblo County's rate of enrollment in a pubic full-day kndergarten has continued to increase, and Pueblo's rate has reached 100%.  Pueblo's biggest rate jump happened from 2011 to 2012, when the rate jumped from 81.8 percent to 99.9 percent. 

What the Data Tell Us


Definition:  The percent of kindergarten children in public full-day programs by county.

Data Source: Colorado Department of Education; Provided by the Colorado Children's Campaign and/or National KIDS Count Program.

Data Considerations: n/a